January 01, 2005

2005 in gay paris


Well our plan to each drink a bottle of champagne at the foot of the Eiffel Tower was a success. The tower was decorated with many sparkling white lights that all lit up in 2005. People around the tower had all kinds of dangerous fireworks including m-80's, mortars, etc. These fireworks mixed with a lot of champagne turned the base of the tower into a small battlefield. Shortly after we successfully located an Irish Pub to celebrate the new year into the next morning. Happy New Year Everyone!

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December 31, 2004

Travel to Paris


So our plan of catching a night train to Paris on the 29th didn't work out. We were told to buy a ticket on the train (when we tried to reserve spots in the AM) and then when we showed up at 11:00pm we learned that the train was absolutly full. So we checked back in to Hotel Charley in Milan and decided to catch the early 9:00am train. When we showed up at the train station at 8am we learned that ALL trains from Milan to Paris were booked into 05. Soooo we figured out that we could take a train to Basel, Switzerland (don't try and pronounce it basil) which took 7 hours and then we took a train from there to Paris (after enjoying a few beers while we waited) - the whole thing took about 13 hours of travel time. BUT, we are now in Paris and we enjoyed a night in the worst hotel room ever - we have one bed which is probably somewhere between a twin and a full in size :(.

Today we plan to head down town and get ready for the big new years celebrations. Plan is to get a few bottles of champagne and hang out by the Eifel tower.

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Site seeing Milan


Our second day in Milan was not so great either. Im sure the cold rainy weather was not helping to lift our spirits either. We set out to find the original painting of the last supper. Riding the metro across the city we located the church that we though had the painting. The church was closed from 12-3 and we arrived at 1, so to kill a few hours we took a small tour of Milans national science museum, which you might guess was not so interesting. We made it back to the church to view the painting, after walking all around the church looking at each and every painting, we noticed a small sign on the wall that said the last super was in the building next door (which was not closed from 12-3). We were quickly disapointed to discover that you need reservations a week in advance to see the painting.
The rest of the day was a LOT of walking and a lot of window shopping. By evening we were pretty tired and didn't feel like paying about $10 a beer at some local bar so we set out to purchase a bottle of wine to have before bed. After a lot more walking to find an open place selling wine, we stumbeled across a small bar selling cheap wine gift sets in a pack of 3. This was the highlight of the day.

The next day was yet another day of walking the streets and window shopping. That evening in our attempt to find an Irish Pub in the city of Milan we overheard load music. We followed this music to discover they had setup large ski hills in Milans football arena, the hills were made of some sort of fake plastic snow. We rented skis and had a bit of fun.

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December 28, 2004



We left Salzburg on December 26th and made our way to Milan. All in all we have both been dissapointed with the city. The people were not as attractive as people suggested and everything has been very expensive - including our 180 euro dinner :(. Today we both did a little shopping and we are taking a break before dinner. Tomorrow we plan on finishing up the siteseeing in Milan (we want to see the painting of the Last Supper) and then we will head to Paris on a night couchette.

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December 25, 2004

Merry Christmas from Salzburg!


Yesterday was a very long day for us, we woke around 7am in Innsbruck to catch a bus to the Stubai ski mountain. We then took a very long gondola ride to the top of the mountain, 3100 meters. Skiing was great, and all of my limbs are still functioning properly! Both of us a pretty sore today from all the skiing.
Then around 6pm yesterday we cought a train to Salzburg. The hostel we are staying in was pretty load all night long with all the students celebrating Christmas. This morning we took another gondola ride up to the oldest fortress in Europe. The fortress has never been successfully attacked so it is still in great shape. Nothing much is really open here today, looks like we will be eating Chinese again for dinner. Merry Christmas Everyone!

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December 23, 2004



We have arrived in Innsbruck, Austria. Tomorrow we are skiing the largest mountain here (almost 11,000ft above sea level and almost 6,000ft of skiiable elevation). Luckily Nate has a really nice new ski jacket which will probably make him a better skiier. The city is very scenic - it is surrounded by all of these giant mountains. It was the host to two Olympics. We are staying at a very nice pension which we had to walk up a giant hill to get too - with our backpacks. Tonight we are going to get some food and some beir and then try to go to bed early because we have to be at the bus station at 8:45 to catch the bus to the mountain.

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December 22, 2004

German Army


After a fine german dinner and a few too many Liters of beer at the Hofbrauhaus we were suprise attacked by the German Army. There were soldiers everywere! Joel and I were both very scared, but miraculously I managed to hold all of them off for awhile but there were just to many. They eventually took me to the ground and all signed their names on my coat with colorfull permanent markers. I know it sounds unbelievable, the German Army taking me down, maybe it was all the beer I had earlier. I think Joel may have leaked some info and they spared his coat, traitor! You will be happy to know that I have a new coat and Joel and I are both doing well.

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We took a sleeper train cart from Amsterdam to Munich on the 20th so we woke up in Munich at 7am on the 21st / no crazy robbery stories or gassed carts. Luckily we were both able to sleep well since we spent a few hours in the bar cart pounding beers (and eating chips). We haven't really done much touristy stuff in Munich, but we did spend hours walking around lost trying to find the Hofbrauhaus and then we ate some brautwurst, frankfurters and a few giant pretzels while enjoying liter after liter of fine German beir.

Once we had had enough (or some people might say too much) beir we left the Hofbrauhaus and stopped to enjoy some klufwein and then we ran into some kids that had just finished their 9 month assignment in the German military. They had markers and they were having everyone sign their sweatshirts while they were celebrating. We tagged along with them for a while and Nate started to feel left out so he started having people sign his ski jacket with permanent markers too. He says that it seemed like a great idea at the time. Then we had a few more liters of beir with the Germans until they had to go. After saying goodbye I realized that Nate was not around and so I headed back to the hotel having absolutly no idea where I was going. 3 hours later I was as lost as you could possibly be when I finally thought to get a taxi and have him take me to the train station (our hotel is right next to the train station). Just to give you some idea of how far away I had gotten - the taxi was a 7 euro fare!

Today we slept in and then enjoyed a nice Bavarian meal of boiled and roasted meats. Then we went to the store so Nate could buy a new jacket.

We also realized that we can not post pictures online because I forgot the cable for my camera, so everyone will have to wait until we get back.

We are leaving tomorrow morning to go to Innsbruck, Austria to go skiing on the 23rd and 24th and then we will head to Salzburg for Xmas.

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December 20, 2004

Michigan Vacation


Well alright, minus the sex museum, Anne Frank's house and the Van Gogt museum, you could have done the same crap in Michigan. I would like to hear a little less play by play and a little more dialog and possibly an interesting story line, like how you guys accidentally hired a prostitute while trying to buy pot and then you found out that she was a guy so you wanted your money back, or how you found dirty pictures of Anne Frank in the attic and she had really hair legs.

Alright hope you guys are having fun, your missing a great week of work

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Michigan Vacation


Well if anyone is interested I got drunk on Saturday and had pizza for a late night snack. Then I took a leak and when to sleep. Minus the Sex Museum I would say that you guys could have done the same crap in Michigan.

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Sex Museum


Hello, this is Nate, I am here too. We have been walking around ALL day today killing time until we leave for Germany. We had in interesting time in the Amsterdam Palace we took our own extensive tour of the palace WC. Sex Museum was very scary, I thought the "warning" sign out front was for little kids. I really think that it was meant for Americans. Then we ate more Febo's, Joel got the brown one and I got the green one, Yummmy.

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Amsterdam Update


If you checked the blog during the past 2 days you may have noticed a bunch of test messages and reposts - in case you were wondering we were not super high when we posted those. Actually, we were just having technical difficulties with the blog, but it appears as though everything is A-OK now.

To update you on our trip - yesterday we toured Anne Frank's house and the Van Gogt musuem. When we walked back from the Van Gogt museum we did get lost for a while - which meant that we had to keep stopping in pubs to get a pint and try to get our bearings straight. This plan eventually worked and we found our way back to our hotel. This morning we booked ourselves on a couchette for tonight when we will travel to Munich. We are going to eat some breakfast here shortly and then take a tour of the sex museum.

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December 18, 2004



After 10 hours of traveling we made it to Amstedam. After much walking we ended up booking 2 nights at the Heart of Amsterdam hotel. Nothing much, but we have our own room with two tiny beds. After a short nap we are now heading out to check out the city and get some dinner - and perhaps a beir and a "coffee."

So long for now.

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December 10, 2004

The Blog


This blog has been created by Nate and I to help keep friends and family entertained during the holidays with updates of our trek around Europe. We fly out of Detroit Metro Airport on Friday December 17th and return on Monday January 3rd.

For those that don't know, our rough schedule is:

Dec 18-20: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Dec 20-24: Munich, Germany
Dec 24-25: Salzburg, Austria
Dec 25-28: Milan, Italy
Dec 28-30: Zurich, Switzerland
Dec 30-Jan 2 Paris, France
Jan 2-3: Frankfurt Germany

Europe, you have been warned. We're on our way.

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